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ALLDATA Community – 5 Day Trial Page


Your ALLDATA Repair subscription includes access to this robust online forum. Monitored by our team of highly-skilled ASE Master techs, ALLDATA Community is your go-to source to find real-world repairs, post questions, and offer your own expertise.

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ALLDATA Mobile – 5 Day free trial page


Experience the ultimate in portable convenience. ALLDATA Mobile lets you take ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision right to the car on your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet. Use basic diagnostics to read P-codes, live sensor data, emissions monitors, and more.

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Diagnostics – 5 Day free trial page

ALLDATA Diagnostics®

Our new award-winning ALLDATA Diagnostics. It turns a tablet into a professional-level scan tool – the only scan tool with the power of ALLDATA Repair built in and unlimited pre- and post-scans. You pay just a low monthly subscription to get started. And there are no charges for software or data updates!

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ALLDATA Tech-Assist – Free Trial Page

ALLDATA Tech-Assist®

Need help with a complicated repair? Our ASE-Certified Master Technicians are just a phone call away, with unlimited support calls until your problem is solved. Livestream video of the problem and the Tech-Assist team can “draw” on your screen to pinpoint the issue.**

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Footer – Disclaimer – 5 Day Free Trial

*ALLDATA Repair is exclusively available to automotive repair shops. Information for single vehicles is available through our ALLDATA DIY product. Free Trial includes five days of unlimited access to ALLDATA Repair. The trial subscription automatically terminates, with no automatic renewal.

** To livestream video, download the Rescue Lens app from the appropriate app store for your device prior to calling.