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Creating Individual Accounts - ALLDATA Community

In order to get individual credit for your participation in ALLDATA Community, you will need your own ALLDATA Community username.

  • ALLDATA Community usernames are automatically created and associated with ALLDATA Repair/Collision usernames.


It is important for everyone in the shop to know how switching to individual usernames will affect how each person logs in and out.



Each ALLDATA Repair/Collision account is initially set up with one ADMIN username that has full control over the account's management of: 
  • Users

  • Logins and passwords 

  • Subscription licences

An unlimited number of NON-ADMIN users can be added to an account and can only modify their own: 
  • Login and password

  • Personal user information

For security reasons, it is advised that the ADMIN login only be known by those in charge of the ALLDATA account.

Subscription Licenses and Access Points

Access Points: Repair / Collision

An Access Point is required, and must not already be in use by another user, in order to access a product (app).

  • An Access Point for the app is temporarily assigned to a user when they open it from within ALLDATA Portal.

  • Access Points become automatically unassigned after 30 minutes of inactivity, to allow other users access to the app.

  • The number of Access Points for each product designates the total number of users that can access a product at the same time.

  • You can view and manage Access Points for each product from the Admin screen. Administrative users Only

If your shop has not purchased enough licenses or access points, more can be purchased by calling 800-859-3282, option 4.

Creating Individual Accounts

ALLDATA Repair / Collision 

1. Create a NON-ADMIN login and password:

  1. Log in to your product using the ADMIN login and password.

  2. Click your name at the top of the page >> User Management.

  3. Click +USER.

  4. Complete the form that opens.

    • Repeat as necessary.

2. Once all users are created:

  1. Close the Admin page by clicking the X in the upper corner of the window.

  2. On your product's Home page, click your name at the top of the page >> Log Out.

  3. Log back into your product using the new login and password.

  4. Open ALLDATA Community.

  5. Select My Profile.

  6. Click the edit (pencil) button to customize your new ALLDATA Community account.

Tip: If you have less access points than users, it is best to log out of ALLDATA Repair / Collision when you have completed your tasks.