Error Light on VCI

If an error occurs, the ERROR (YELLOW) LED will provide you with the error that has occurred as a blink code.

Each number below correlates to the blink code (i.e. the number of blinks) that will be followed by the repeat of the blink code.

  1. Security Error

  2. Security Session Error

  3. Invalid Security Key

  4. TCP Server Setup Error

  5. Bluetooth Server Setup Error

  6. Update Package Digital Signature Failure

  7. Update Package Decompression Failure

  8. Update Package Decryption Failure

  9. Error While Performing Diagnostic Firmware Update

  10. Communication Error with Diagnostic Hardware

For additional troubleshooting assistance please contact Customer Support at 800-859-3282 (DATA), Option 2, and supply the error code that is being displayed.