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1. 74% of body shops use ALLDATA for OEM info

The latest “Who Pays for What?” survey by Mike Anderson’s Collision Advice shows that the majority of shops (73.9%) use ALLDATA Collision for OEM repair info research


74% Shops Use ALLDATA


2. It’s the industry’s most complete source of OEM collision repair information.

Our flagship ALLDATA Collision® software covers 44K+ engine specific vehicles, 95% of vehicles on the road today (not just p-pages)


ALLDATA Collision


3. Limit liability wtih unedited factory info, updated daily

The OEM data comes direct from the manufacturers for safe and accurate repairs. Includes collision-specific info and procedures for sectioning and structural repairs, ADAS, PDR, panel replacement, sensors, and more.

4. Our easy-to-use format helps you find information faster.

ALLDATA’s database uses the same standardized format for every make and model, so you don’t have to learn a different approach for each manufacturer, a huge timesaver.


5. Access full mechanical procedures and interactive color wiring diagrams for fewer sublets

Includes TSBs, DTCs, parts & labor, drivetrains, suspension, manufacturer position statements, and more.


Interactive Color Wiring Diagram Video




6. Find ADAS info fast with award-winning ADAS Quick Reference

Winner of 2022 PTEN Innovation Award and 2022 SEMA New Product Award. Included with ALLDATA Collision at no additional cost.

PTEN Award 600
7. Our Library team delivers “Best in Class” response time

Get info on pre-1982 models or other hard-to-find data from ALLDATA’s Library research team. Also included at no additional cost.


8. Integrate with the 3 major estimating systems

The ALLDATA Collision Advantage add-on works with the 3 major estimating systems to analyze your estimate and highlights the necessary structural repairs, along with pre- and post-repair inspection items.


9. Jumpstart customer check-in at the vehicle with New Inspections add-on

Greet customers curbside and perform digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) on your mobile phone or tablet

Inspections - phone


10. Scan all the vehicles in your shop

ALLDATA Diagnostics® - our pro-level diagnostic scan tool - offers unlimited pre- and post-scans and links directly to relevant OEM articles. Quickly email PDF reports.


DIagnostics - scanning






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