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Add Estimate Integration and Original OEM Repair Info Is Just a Click Away

Get ALLDATA’s Collision Advantage When You Add Estimate Integration 

Create an estimate with any of the three major estimating systems, then use ALLDATA Collision combined with ALLDATA Estimate Integration to get one-click access to detailed OEM repair information, including vehicle-specific Manufacturers’ Position Statements – all on a single screen. More and more, insurers require participating DRP shops to use ALLDATA’s OEM collision information to ensure safe, accurate, and reliable repairs.

  • Generate accurate repair plans and estimates - find little-known steps necessary to return vehicles to OEM standards

  • Reduce supplements and sublet repairs

  • Repair vehicles instead of designating them a total loss

Access Both Collision & Mechanical Repair Information
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Access Both Collision & Mechanical Repair Information

Access Both Collision & Mechanical Repair Information

ALLDATA Collision has all the OEM info that you need to get the job done – both collision and mechanical repair information!

  • Body and Frame: sectioning procedures, structural adhesives, interior trim, sensors and switches, and more

  • New Construction Materials: high-strength steels, aluminum, new plastics, etc.

  • Evolving Technologies: hybrids, electronic systems, SRS, panel removal and replacement, etc.

  • Electronic Systems: reset and reprogramming procedures

  • Full Mechanical Procedures: TSBs, full diagnostic procedures by DTC code, parts and labor, drivetrains, suspension, steering systems, and more

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Beyond OEM Data…Built-in Diagnostic Help & Vehicle Research for Mechanical & Collision Repairs

Beyond OEM Data…Built-in Diagnostic Help &
Vehicle Research for Mechanical & Collision Repairs

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You’re Always Supported With ALLDATA



Find probable causes and verified repairs in ALLDATA Community



Ask the Library Team to look up additional OEM information — FAST!



Get product help and knowledge from the Support and Training Teams.

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ALLDATA Collision Customer Quotes

ALLDATA Collision is a great tool and it is necessary for operating our business. Our estimators use it often and it absolutely makes us more efficient. Without it, I believe we would be at a competitive disadvantage.

Brett B., A & B CARSTAR of Riverside 
(Kansas City, Missouri)


We use ALLDATA information every day for both mechanical repair and collision jobs. We love the collision request feature. The library is fast; we’ve never been left hanging. ALLDATA gives me the ability to tell insurance companies how it should be done. We had a 2004 Volvo Cross Country with front-end damage.

Dennis Dean G., Cranston Collision Center
(Cranston , Rhode Island)

It helps with our efficiencies. It saves time and money. We don’t have to take cars to a dealer and the information we need is readily available. ALLDATA’s tech support is great.

Dean F., CARSTAR Yorkville
(Yorkville, Illinois)


Because of ALLDATA’s information, we were able to section the rail, saving about $5,000. Without that information we would have had to replace the entire rail. For me, it’s all about knowing that we are doing the job right and that the vehicle is safe when it leaves here. I have a child and I want to know that any child is safe in a vehicle we repair.

Dennis Dean G., Cranston Collision Center
(Cranston , Rhode Island)

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Request A Demo Today!

Request A Demo Today!

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System Requirements – Collision

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