Who Pays for what?
Jan. 03 2023
Who Pays for what?
Jan. 03 2023

Who Pays for What? survey by
Collision Advice | CRASH Network

ALLDATA Collision® has increased its lead as the #1 choice for OEM repair information. According to the results of the 2023 Who Pays for What? Frame & Mechanical Operations survey, 76% of auto body repair shops use ALLDATA to research OEM repair information, up from 73.9% in 2022.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson
Collision Advice

About the survey

Who Pays for What? is a series of surveys launched in 2015 by Mike Anderson’s Collision Advice and CRASH Network to help repair facilities better understand how their billing practices differ from others in the industry. The Frame & Mechanical Operations survey results were published in July 2023.


Use of OEM repair information “All the time” jumps for 2023

In 2022, 23.7% said they research OEM repair procedures “All the time.” For 2023, that number jumps to 31.3%, with 60.4% that research OEM repair procedures “All or most of the time.” This trend reflects the industry’s focus on the necessity of following OEM procedures for safe and accurate vehicle repair – and to limit liability – as vehicles become increasingly more complex.

How frequently do you research OEM repair procedures at the time you write an estimate?

Pre-Repair Scan 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
All the time 31.3% 23.7% 21.2% 19.9% 21.5% 24.8%
Most of the time 29.1% 35.2% 36.5% 32.6% 32.7% 35.7%
Some of the time 23.4% 23.1% 26.5% 27.4% 26.5% 24.8%
Only occasionally 10.6% 15.2% 13% 15.4% 14.7% 12.7%
Never 5.7% 2.9% 2.8% 4.7% 4.6% 2%

76% of body shops use ALLDATA for OEM repair information

Since the Who Pays For What? survey launched in 2015, ALLDATA has been the top choice of auto body shops for online OEM repair information.

For 2023, 76% of respondents say they use ALLDATA compared to 47% that use automaker information websites, 43% that use CCC, and 9% that use Mitchell.

Which of the following systems do you use to research OEM repair information?

OEM Information Sources 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
ALLDATA 76% 73.9% 73.4% 72.4% 62.8%
Automaker information websites 46.7% 51.1% 52.8% 51.5% 59.4%
CCC’s “Repair Methods” 43.4% 43.1% 43.4% 44.3% 49.2%
I-CAR’s “Repairability Technical Support” 35.4% 43.5% 46.4% 49.8% 55.4%
OEConnection's "RepairLogic" 18% 7.3%      
Mitchell’s “Tech Advisor” 9.1% 12.2% 13% 15.7% 14.4%
Sun 2.5% 3.7% 3.2% 1.7%  
Auda Explore’s “TechFocus” 1.1% .6% .9% .5% 1.6%

In his notes, Mike Anderson calls out that “This research MUST be done ALL of the time. OEM information is complex and can change: I recently wrote an estimate on three of the same year and model of vehicles, but the alignment procedures and battery disconnect procedures were different based on trim levels and engine types. Remember: Learn to research, research to learn.”

who pays for what 2023


To access Who Pays for What? results or to become a survey participant, visit www.crashnetwork.com/collisionadvice.

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