Error: "Your session has timed out"


When trying to access ALLDATA Community, a message pops up saying “Your session has timed out.”


Possible Cause(s)

  • The Community link was clicked within one hour of creating a new user account in ALLDATA Repair/Collision.
  • You were automatically logged out of ALLDATA Community due to inactivity.  
    • You must be logged in to ALLDATA Repair / Collision in order to be able to access ALLDATA Community. The system requires re-validation every 14 days, so if you have not accessed ALLDATA Community in 15+ days you will be required to log in to your repair or collision program again first.


Suggested Solution(s)

  • New Users
    • It can take up to one hour to gain access to ALLDATA Community after creating a username in ALLDATA Repair / Collision.
    • Wait 30 - 60 minutes, log in to ALLDATA Repair / Collision, and click Community.
  • Existing Users
    • Log in to your ALLDATA product and click Community to start a new session.
    • Click HERE for more details about how to access ALLDATA Community.