ALLDATA Community Points and Badges

Each time you participate in the community—by asking a question, suggesting or verifying a repair or demonstrating your expertise with a particular vehicle—you earn points and badges.

Earning Points

Earn points each time the following actions are completed:
Complete your user profile (1 time only)10 points
Ask a question5 points
Suggest a repair5 points
Verify a repair5 points
Your suggested repair is verified10 points
Share a repair15 Points

Earning Badges

General participation badges can be earned for each of the following actions:
  • Ask a question
  • Suggest a repair
  • Verify a repair
  • Your suggested repair is verified
The more times a specific action is completed, the higher its badge level becomes:


1 action completed

Pit Crew

2 actions completed

11 actions completed

21 actions completed

Crew Chief

31 actions completed

41 actions completed

51 actions completed

Driver's Seat

61 actions completed

71 actions completed

81 actions completed

Total number of times one type of action has been completed.

Viewing Point and Badge Information

Points and Badges

  • See how many more points you need to earn your next badge.
  • View the points leaderboard.

My Activity

  • See how many points you have and how you got them.
  • View all the badges you have earned.