Accessing ALLDATA Collision Information

IMPORTANT - All estimates that have been exported from your estimating system will display based on the Estimate Integration configuration. If no estimates display, call NuGen IT Technical Support at 913-754-5240 for assistance in configuring the EMS Estimate Data locations to match your estimating system export directories.

To access collision information:

  1. Open Collision Advantage from the desktop or system tray icon (by the clock).

  2. Login with your shop's Username and Password as provided to you by the NuGen IT Installation Technician.

  3. Exported estimates will display on the Estimates screen.

    • Note: The UPDATED date is the date the estimate was exported (most recent estimates will be at the top of the list. The Est Sys is C for CCC One, M for Mitchell and A for Audatex.

  4. Click anywhere on the estimate to expand the selection menu.

  5. Click the Estimate Integration button to analyze the estimate.

  6. Make any necessary selections to refine the vehicle section and click OK.

    • Note: These additional selections only display when needed.

  7. All vehicle lines with OEM procedures or alerts will be displayed in the far-right column.

  8. Click on OEM Procedures or OEM Alert to view the available OEM ALLDATA articles associated with that specific repair line.

  9. Click on one of the icons to display the article associated with the line item in the estimate.

  10. If additional options are provided, click on the option to continue and click OK.

  11. The ALLDATA article will be displayed.