Selecting a Vehicle

Navigating to the Vehicle Selection Screen:

From the ALLDATA Portal (Home Screen)

Tap Repair / Collision.


Change Vehicles - Within Repair / Collision

  • Tap the Change vehicle button from the header menu.

    change button



Selecting a Vehicle:

Selecting a New Vehicle

  1. Tap New Vehicle.
     new vehicle
  2. On the Select Vehicle flyout menu, complete one of the following:
    options to select vehicle
    • Type the Year, Make, Model, Engine or VIN in the search box.
    • Select the Year, Make, Model and Engine from each menu.
    • Tap the VIN scan icon to access your mobile device's camera.
      • Scan the vehicle's VIN barcode (typically located near the driver's side door jamb)
        barcode scan
    • Tap License Plate
      • Enter the License Plate number and select the State of registration >> tap Search.
        enter license plate
  3. Select the vehicle from the decoded vehicle list.
    select decoded vehicle

Selecting a Previously Viewed Vehicle

On the Select Vehicle screen, select a vehicle from the Recent Vehicles list.

  • Note - This list will also display on the desktop version of ALLDATA Repair/Collision when logged in with the same username. The Recent Vehicle list is not shared between other users on the account.

recent vehicles