Code Settings- Symptoms

Symptoms allow you to set up a list of common vehicle symptoms that can quickly be added to a customer’s estimate or repair order.

Adding Symptoms

  1. Click Setup >> Code >> Symptoms.
  2. Enter a Code, Summary and Description >> select a Linked Inspection (optional)>> click Update.

    • Code: One to four digits that identify the symptom within the program. (Example: BATT)
    • Summary: The subject of the symptom. (Example: Battery Check)
    • Description: A description of the symptom.
    • Linked Inspection: Select an Inspection to be linked to the Symptom.
      • Examples:
        • Create a symptom to perform a 21-point inspection and link the inspection to the symptom.
        • Create a symptom to perform a complete brake inspection and link the inspection to the symptom.

Assigning Suggested Jobs

  1. Click the + icon for a Symptom.

    • Note: If Suggested Jobs have already been assigned, the + icon will display the number of Suggested Jobs that have been selected.

  2. Select the Custom Jobs that will be suggested when the Symptom is added to an Estimate >> click Okay.