User Options - Schedule

IMPORTANT - This feature is NOT an appointment calendar; it is used to schedule existing Repair Orders against available tech-hours of a shop


To set up the schedule:
  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Schedule.
  2. In Schedule Settings set up the following:

    Total daily hours available

    Enter the available number of work hours for each day.

    • Example: The number of technicians multiplied by their available work hours per day. 


    Color code R/O by

    Select to include color coding for schedule entries based on R/O Status or Work Type.


    Specify workshop bay and duration for Inspection bookings

    Enable this option if you are using the Inspection Schedule.


    Enable time slots

    Create a grid of hours on the schedule, broken into 15 minute increments.

    • Enter the Start Time and End Time for the shop's work day. 


    Hide completed R/O

    If you do not choose to Enable time slots, use this option to "hide" R/Os on the schedule as they are completed.


    Repair Order Information

    • Choose what items to include on each schedule entry by:
      1. Selecting an item
      2. Selecting a line.
      3. Clicking Add.
    • Change how each line displays the included items by:
      1. Selecting an item that has been added to a line.
      2. Selecting the Up and Down arrows to change the display order.
      3. Clicking the X to remove the item from the line.


    Schedule Bay Display

    Select the amount of bays you want the schedule to display. 

    • Current bays will display below in Current Bays.


    Current Bays

    Rename, reorder and delete bays. 

    • Note: This will only change how the bays appear on the main Schedule. This feature will not apply to the Inspection Schedule. 


    Due In / Out

    Set the Default Due In Time and the Default Due Out Time for all new R/Os.

    • Click the calendar icon to select the time.
    • Click the Use Schedule Start Time If Available check box to automatically apply the date and time of the R/O on the schedule to the Work document.


    Work In Progress Options

    • Set the amount of minutes to be visually notified that an R/O is due in/out.


      • Note: The visual notification is the R/O displaying a yellow color when using the Work In Progress (WIP) screen.
    • Remove completed Repair Orders from the Work In Progress (WIP) screen, after a set amount of days.
      • Notes:
        • 7 days is automatically set as default.
        • You can also remove Repair Orders manually and automatically from the Work In Progress (WIP) screen.


  3. Select Update.