Product Setup

Adding Users

To add users:
  1. Click your name >> User Management.

  2. Click +USER.

  3. Complete the user profile information:

    • Note: Selecting a System Role of Administrator will allow the user to access and make changes to the Admin screen.

  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Enter a Login >> New Password >> Confirm New Password.

    • ​​​​Note: The password requirements listed on the screen will turn green as you are typing your New Password to let you know what requirements you may be missing.

  6. Click NEXT.

  7. Click Edit (pencil) or Delete (trash can) to change role or remove access for any of the subscribed products.

  8. To add a product back to the access list, select a Product >> choose a Role >> click Add.

  9. Click SAVE to finish, or click SAVE & ADD MORE to continue adding users.