ALLDATA Find-A-Fix is a code based software diagnostic tool to help technicians build a more targeted and efficient diagnostic strategy, than repair information alone. This ALLDATA authored article is intended to give technicians a quick overview of causes and fixes for a DTC code.  

Find a fix articles include the following information:

  • DTC and symptom description
  • Verified fixes with a confidence level indicator
  • List of probable causes

find-a-fix article

Where do I access Find-A-Fix information?

  • From the Search menu when looking up DTC codes
    search menu
  • From the Information navigation menu on the main vehicle page or when viewing applicable diagnostic articles
    vehicle screen

How to provide feedback about Find-A-Fix to help ALLDATA improve the experience for everyone?

  • Provide information about what fixed the vehicles you have been working on from the ALLDATA Find-A-Fix menu on the Select Vehicle screen or at the bottom of the Find-A-Fix Article.
    • select vehicle find a fix section
    • submit from article
  • To provide information about a fix you have performed that isn't already listed as an option:
    1. Select the Add a Component check box.
      add component
    2. Choose an action from the drop-down menu.
      choose action
    3. Begin typing a component name and a drop down menu will appear with search results.
    4. Select a component from the dropdown menu.
      select component
  • Click the We need your feedback... button at the button of a Find-A-Fix article to give additional feedback about Find-A-Fix features.