What's New - Shop Manager

June 2024

Parts Markup Matrix
markup matrix

April 2024

  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements

March 2024


Take deposits on Estimates and Repair Orders that can be applied to a final invoice. 

 add deposit button

Technician Worksheets

Print streamlined work documents for technicians that removes unnecessary information, such as customers' personal information, pricing, payment and authorization history, other footer notifications or marketing, etc.
print tech sheet

  • Examples:
    • Repair Order
      ro example
    • Tech Worksheet
      tech worksheet example


Other Enhancements
  • myCARFAX
    • Auto populate shop information into the myCARFAX form when turning ON myCARFAX for the very first time.
    • Minor UI adjustments to the myCARFAX functionality and the corresponding in-product messaging.
Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where ALLDATA parts and labor was showing different engine size for a 2020 Chevy Colorado.
  • Fixed an issue with trailing spaces in the customer’s name that prevented users from successfully searching for the customer.
  • Fixed an issue where the user cannot print a document with many payments applied.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to update a VIN on a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the user is not able to save and replace an incomplete vehicle from the Customers module.
  • Fixed an issue with Nexpart logging out from Shop Manager when the user is trying to use the catalog.

February 2024

myCARFAX Service History, Open Recalls and License Plate Lookup

Enable myCARFAX data transfer to start using the following features for FREE:

  • Search for vehicles by license plate. 
    license plate lookup
  • Access myCARFAX Service History from the document screen.
    mycarfax buttons
  • View reported CARFAX service history and Open Recalls.
    service history

Learn how to enable myCARFAX

Other Enhancements
  • Added a Customer Signature line on the Invoice document.
    signature line
Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate vehicles could not be removed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when labor rate was changed by two user simultaneously.
  • Corrected the ALLDATA Customer Support phone number on error messages.

August 2023

AutoZone Catalog
  • AZ Parts catalog now Includes availability for Warehouse channel. The catalog also displays the store number and address for Store, Network, Hub, and Warehouse channels.
  • Display availability and expected estimated delivery times for DC Channel.

March 2023

Quick Access to ALLDATA Repair
  • When accessing Repair (or Collision) from the icons in the action header, it will now open within the same window, preserving your place within the document.
ACES Vehicles
  • You can now select and add ACES vehicles to your document. The ACES vehicle database includes many additional vehicle makes and models that are not traditionally supported by ALLDATA Repair information.
Updated Filter & Sort Menu
  • The updated filter and sort options now allow you to filter by the technician assigned. The user can also filter by “unassigned” to find any documents that are not assigned to a technician.

Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Collision Tile
    • When a shop is subscribed to Collision and Shop Manager, we are now displaying the Collision tile in the action header in the top right-hand corner of the document.
  • Special Characters
    • Special characters can now be entered while adding a License plate to account for specialized and custom plates in different US states
    • Enabled addition of hyphens (-) and apostrophes (‘) inside the First and Last Name fields.
  • Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed catalog issues caused by long part descriptions.
    • Fixed issue with custom labor drop menu being unusable.

September 2022

Order Parts from the Nexpart Muli-Seller Catalog
  • Shop Manager users can now order parts directly from their preferred parts suppliers using the Nexpart Catalog. Shop Manager seamlessly interacts with the Nexpart Catalog and can bring parts information back to the Estimate/Repair Order.

Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Modified logic for displaying available inventory for AZ parts as per the distribution channels and supply chain logic:
    • Store – Will be displayed first if quantity exists
    • Network – Will be next and it should sum all quantity on hand within these stores
    • Hub – Will be last
  • Bug Fix - Part Numbers from AutoZone’s Catalog in Shop Manager don't match part numbers on AZ PRO.

October 2021

Void Unpaid Invoices
  • Any unpaid invoices can now be voided using the Void option in the Actions menu.
  • The voided invoices will also appear as a negative amount on the sales, tax and invoice reports to make it easier for the Shops to do their reconciliation.


Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Enable and use keyboard shortcuts for common document functions such as adding custom labor or converting an Estimate to a Repair Order.
    • To turn on shortcuts go to  Settings >> Document >> Enable Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Once enabled you can reference available shortcuts from Help & Feedback >> Shortcuts or by pressing the SHIFT key and ? key together on your keyboard.



Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Deleted Draft documents were still being seen in documents list.
  • The values for Shop Supplies and Hazmat were reversed in the sales reports.
  • Some shops' country information was “deselected” in Shop Settings.

July 2021

Customers Module
  • Easily access customer records by clicking the Customers tab from the left panel.

Learn More



Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Added an activity indicator when using AZ part ordering.
  • Added the ability to order parts from the available quantities across all channels. Earlier, ordering was restricted to just the first available channel.
  • Estimates can now be voided just like Repair Orders.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements to AZ part ordering and overall document loading.

April 2021

AutoZone Parts Ordering
  • Order and receive parts from within Shop Manager
  • View parts availability from your local network of stores
  • Track you orders from the new Orders screen

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Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Ability to show/hide “Shop Notes” from the document card on the left.
  • Now users can drag and drop anywhere on the document, including dragging lines items from outside a Job Group to inside a Job Group.
    • NOTE: Discount line items cannot be dragged into a Job Group.

Bug Fixes

  • AZ parts catalog now show the appropriate brand name for the part and also the correct warranty information.
  • Previously added customers should now be easier to find
  • Fix for discounts not applying properly in job groups
  • Vehicles can now be deleted from customer record

February 2021

Shop Notes
  • Add Shop Notes to a document for internal use
  • Shop Notes will not appear on the customer's printed documents


Line Item Drag and Drop Enhancements
  • Drag and drop anywhere on the document
  • Drag lines items from outside a Job Group to inside a Job Group
    • NOTE: Discount line items cannot be dragged into a Job Group.


Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Enhancements to tax reports for Canadian shops
  • Added Debit card as an option in the payment drawer

Bug Fixes

  • Users are unable to find previously added customers.
  • Discounts are not processing line items inside Job Groups.

Dec 2020

Job Groups
  • Create Job Groups and add necessary line items under that group.
  • Save a Job Group as a Shop Job so that it can be used in the future.
  • See the Job Group total change real-time as line item are added under it.


Canadian Taxes

Canadian taxes are now split out by tax type on the work document as well as the printouts to cater to tax regulations in certain Canadian provinces.


Miscellaneous changes / Bug fixes

  • Additional search criteria have been added for document search. Now users can search for documents using Document Number and Service Tag Number.
  • Updated document sequence is now tied to login credentials, so if a shop has multiple users updating documents at the same time, the most recently updated document that appears in the documents panel is specific to each user.
  • Printouts have been darkened by using black font for all sections for ease of reading.
  • Added “other” option under the Card Type payment drawer to allow users to select other card providers.
  • Subtotal is now visible on the printed document.

Bug Fixes

  • Users are unable to edit AZ or AD part descriptions on the document.
  • Users are unable to Edit Customer or Vehicle Info on certain documents and have to click the Miles/Kilometers toggle to get the information to save.
  • Custom labor hours’ quantity prints as 0 on the output.
  • Discounts amount not printing on the printed document.
  • Customer lookup not finding customers that were added before
  • Information gets deleted from an estimate on its own.

August 2020

Canada Support
  1. Shop Information - Canada can be set as your shop's Country under the Settings >> Shop Information. If Canada is selected from the dropdown, you can also select a Province and enter a Postal Code as part of their address.
  2. Customer Information - Canadian addresses can be added to Customer Information.
  3. Vehicle Information - If Canada is selected in Customer Information, Canadian provinces can be selected in the Vehicle Information.
  4. Labor, Taxes, Markups & Fees - If Canada is selected in Shop Information, you can add Canadian tax rates (e.g., HST, GST & PST) to Settings >> Labor, Taxes, Markups & Fees >> Tax Rates. The total tax is dynamically calculated as an addition of GST, HST & PST and is applied to the document subtotal.


Add Item Ribbon

The Add Item drop down selector was replaced with an Add Item "ribbon" which allows for easy and quick selection of the different types of line items.


Miscellaneous changes

  • Documents can be searched by customer's email address, license plate or VIN.
  • Clicking a field automatically highlights the existing entry to quickly overwrite without needing to delete the existing entry.
  • All AutoZone catalog parts are now searchable instead of those within a selected part category.
  • Voided Repair Orders can now be printed. Printed outputs will have a VOID watermark across the document.
  • PDF outputs are now titled with the corresponding document type (e.g., Draft, Estimate, Repair Order or Invoice)