Acura RDX Turbo Lacks Power - MIL On
Jun. 01 2023
Jun. 01 2023

Vehicle: 2012 Acura RDX, AWD, L4-2.3L Turbo, Automatic transmission/transaxle

Mileage: 176,959

Problem: This Acura RDX was brought to the shop for lack of power and the malfunction indication light (MIL) was on. The customer stated that they really had to press hard on the accelerator pedal to get the vehicle going.

Case Details: The tech connected a scan tool and retrieved the following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

  • P2263 - Turbocharger Boost System Performance Problem
  • P15BA - Check Valve (Intake Manifold) Stuck Closed

After an inspection of the check valve resulted in finding no problems, the tech called ALLDATA Tech-Assist. The consultant suggested checking for a stuck turbocharger wastegate because they sometimes get corroded and jam up. Sure enough, the tech found the turbo wastegate stuck solid with corrosion.

Confirmed Repair: After he removed all the corrosion and lubricated the wastegate assembly until it moved freely, the technician cleared the DTCs and road-tested the vehicle. Full power was restored and there were no further issues. Another easy fix!

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