Vehicle Information Search

The Vehicle Information Search is located in the upper right hand corner.

To search, start typing a search term.

  • If you accidentally misspell a word, it will automatically display search results for the closest match.
  • The search results will automatically appear.
    1. Results - Displays the number of search results and can be clicked to close the search menu or quickly return to these search results without having having to make a new search.
    2. Search suggestions - Shows search options to help narrow down your search results.
    3. Categories - Displays the top 5 most relevant search results in each information category - including verified repairs from ALLDATA Community.
    4. Articles - Shows a description of the pages that were found and where the page is located in the database.
    5. Scrollbar - Allows you view additional search results that do not fit on the page.
    6. Show more - Expands the category to display more than the first 5 results.
    7. Close - Closes the Search window