Block Container

  • Anti-Theft and Alarm System Diagnosis

  • Cellular Phone and Global Positioning System

  • Keyless Entry Programming

  • Radio, Stereo, and Compact Disc Repair

  • DTCs by Number

  • DTCs by System

  • Body Control Systems Diagnosis

  • Doors, Hood, Trunk, and Trim Repair

  • Locks, Trim, and Mirror Replacement

  • Sunroof/Moonroof Service and Repair

Anti-Lock and Traction Control System Diagnosis Disc Brake System

  • Brake Rotor, Pad Thickness, and Diagnostics

  • Rotor, Pad, and Caliper Replacement Specifications Special Tools and Equipment

Drum Brake System

  • Wheel Cylinder Removal, Installation, and Rebuild Procedures

  • Brake Shoe and Drum Replacement

  • Specifications

  • Special Tools and Equipment

Hydraulic System

  • Brake Master Cylinder Replacement, and Bench Bleeding

  • Brake Fluid Flushing

  • Brake Fluid Replacement

  • Diagnostics and Testing by Symptom

  • Cruise Control System Diagnosis

  • Speed Sensor Replacement

  • Electrical Diagrams


  • Cylinder Head and Gasket Replacement Water Pump Replacement

  • Timing Chain and Timing Belt Replacement Engine Removal, Installation, and Overhaul Intake Manifold and Gasket Replacement

Cooling System

  • Radiator Cooling Fan Diagnostics

  • Radiator Filling, Draining, and Bleeding Procedures Heater Core Replacement

  • Thermostat Replacement and Testing

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor Testing, Location, and Replacement

Exhaust System

  • Catalytic Converter Replacement Exhaust Routing

  • Exhaust Manifold and Gasket Replacement


  • Symptom-Based Diagnosis Heater Core Replacement

Air Conditioning

  • Temperature Control System Diagnosis

  • DTC Retrieval and Diagnosis

  • Evacuate and Recharge Procedures

  • Compressor Service

Dashboard and Instrument Panel

  • Dashboard Removal and Installation

  • Dashboard Disassembly and Re-assembly

  • Airbag Arming and Disarming

Instrument Cluster and Carrier

  • Removal and Installation of Instrument Cluster

  • Instrument Cluster Reprogramming Procedure

  • Connector Views, Pinouts, and Wiring Diagrams for the Gauges


  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Interior and Cargo Light Testing and Repair
  • Headlamp/Driving Lamp Service and Diagnostics


  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Horn Assembly  Replacement
  • Relay and Switch Service and Diagnostics

  • Wiring Harness Schematics

  • Ground and Connector Locations

  • Electrical Diagrams

  • Fuse and Fuse Block Locations

  • Auxiliary and Accessory Power Testing

Computers and Controls

  • Engine Electrical Diagrams

  • Diagnosis by Symptom

  • Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes

  • All Engine Computer Sensors and Switches

  • Data Link Connector

Ignition System

  • Firing Order

  • Cylinder Identification

  • Ignition Timing

  • Spark Plug Information

Fuel Delivery and Air Induction

  • Fuel Pressure Testing and Specifications

  • Fuel Pump Replacement and Testing

  • Fuel System Description and Operation

  • Air Filter Replacement

Air Bags and Supplementary Restraints

  • Air Bag DTC Testing and Diagnostics

  • Module Testing and Replacement

  • Sensor Replacement Procedures

Seat Belt

  • Warning Systems

  • Seat Belt Replacement Procedures

  • Sensor Location and Testing


  • Service and Replacement Procedures

  • Load Testing Procedure and Specifications

  • Poor Cranking Diagnosis

Starting System

  • Starter Motor Replacement

  • Cranking Specifications

  • Starter Relay Location and Testing

Charging System

  • Wiring Diagrams and Diagnostic Procedures

  • Alternator Test and Replacement


  • Measuring and Adjusting Wheel Alignment

  • Alignment and Ride Height Specifications

  • Description of Caster, Camber, Toe, and Thrust Angles


  • Power Steering System Diagnostics

  • Checking, Adding, and Flushing Power Steering Fluid

  • Steering Column Disassembly Including Ignition Switch


  • Wheel Bearing Replacement and End Play Measurement

  • Wheel Hub and Axle Nut Replacement, with                                     

    • Torque Specifications

  • Ball Joint Replacement and Testing, with

    • Torque Specifications

Automatic Transmission

  • DTC Testing and Diagnostics

  • Exploded Views and Specifications

  • R&R and Overhaul Procedures

Manual Transmission and Clutch

  • R&R and Overhaul Procedures

  • Transmission Diagrams and Specifications

  • Clutch Inspection and Replacement

Differential and Transfer Case

  • R&R and Overhaul Procedures

  • Transfer Case Diagrams and Specifications

  • Seal Replacement Procedures

Window Regulator Service

Window Motor Replacement

Defroster Diagrams and Diagnostics

Switch and Relay Diagrams and Locations

DTCs and Control Module Testing

Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper Motor Service and Repair

Washer Motor Diagrams and Testing