How to replace a cabin air filter
Top 20 DIY Projects
Apr. 08 2022
replacing a cabin air filter
Apr. 08 2022

Here’s a great list of 20 DIY automotive projects, organized in order from the easiest job to more difficult. The list also includes hyperlinks to AutoZone’s vast library of advice articles and videos to help you get the job done right the first time.

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  1. Replace Windshield Wipers
    (Video: Replace Windshield Wipers) (Article: Replacing Windshield Wipers)
  2. Replace Headlight and Tail Light Bulbs
    (Video: Replace Headlight) (Video: Replace Tail Light)
  3. Restore Headlight Lenses
    (Video: Headlight Lens Restoration) (Article: Headlight Lens Restoration)
  4. Replace Cabin Air Filter
    (Video: Replace Cabin Air Filter) (Article: Replacing Cabin Air Filter)
  5. Replace Engine Air Filter
    (Video: Replace Engine Air Filter) (Article: Replace Engine Air Filter)
  6. Battery Replacement and Maintenance
    (Video: Selecting a Battery) (Article: Removing Battery Corrosion)
  7. Replace a Flat Tire
    (Video: Replace a Flat Tire) (Article: When to Replace Tires)
  8. Engine Oil and Filter Change
    (Video: Replace Engine Oil & Filter) (Article: Change Oil & Filter)
  9. Replace Shocks and/or Struts
    (Video: Shock and Strut Replacement) (Article: Replacing Shocks & Struts)
  10. Replace Engine Coolant
    (Video: Flush Radiator & Replace Coolant) (Article: Coolant Facts)
  11. Replace Oxygen Sensor
    (Video: Oxygen Sensor Replacement) (Article: Bad O2 Sensor Symptoms)
  12. Replace Brakes Pads and/or Shoes
    (Video: Brake Jobs) (Article: How to Replace Disc Brake Pads)
  13. Replace Spark Plugs
    (Video: Replacing Spark Plugs) (Article: Replacing Spark Plugs)
  14. Replace Serpentine Drive Belt
    (Video: Replacing Serpentine Belt) (Article: Replacing a Serpentine Belt)
  15. Replace Side Mirror Glass or Windshield Chip Repair
    (Video: Replace Side Mirror Glass) (Article: Windshield Chip Repair)
  16. Replace Radiator and/or Heater Hoses
    (Video: Replace a Radiator) (Article: Replace a Radiator)
  17. Recharge Your A/C System
    (Video: Recharge Your A/C) (Article: How to Recharge Your A/C)
  18. Diagnose an Engine Misfire
    (Video: Diagnose Engine Misfire) (Diagnosing #1 Cylinder Misfire)
  19. Replace Automatic Transmission Fluid
    (Video: Replace Automatic Transmission Fluid) (Article: Replacing Automatic Transmission Fluid)
  20. Increase Engine Performance
    (Video: Increase Engine Performance) (Article: Improving Your Car's Performance)


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