Quick Resets


Select a connection type:

The Resets menu allows you to quickly access commonly used resets by automatically connecting to the applicable vehicle system.

To access Quick Resets:

  1. Connect to the vehicle.
    • Notes:
      • Resets are available for most major makes and models. Some models may not support Quick Resets in which case the Resets page will be empty
      • Available Resets are different for each vehicle.
  2. Select Resets from the sidebar menu. 

    • ​​A list of available Resets will display.


  3. Select a Reset to automatically connect to the applicable vehicle system and open the specific reset option from the system tests menu.quickresets-selectreset
  4. Select Initiate Test.
  5. If additional inputs are needed, follow the on-screen prompts to enter or select any required options.