Viewing Emissions Readiness Monitors


Select a connection type:

To view emissions readiness status:

  1. Connect to the vehicle.

    • Note: In order to view Monitors with the Diagnostics VCI, you must be connected with a Generic OBDII connection through one of the following methods:

      • diagnostics-emissions-selectgenericobdiimake

      • diagnostics-emissions-selectgenericpowertrainsystem

  2. From the Diagnostics or Basic Diagnostics app, select Monitor from the sidebar menu.

  3. The status of the Emissions Monitors display.

The Emissions Monitors Screen

  • Since DTC's Cleared / Current Drive Cycle

    • ​Toggle between viewing historic data (since the last time the memory was cleared) and the current drive cycle.

  • Continuous

    • Displays the status of emissions-related monitors that are running at all times.

  • Non Continuous

    • Displays the status of emissions-related monitors that must complete full drive cycles or meet specific operating conditions to activate.

  • Monitored Test Results (Requires Diagnostics VCI)

    • ​Displays current values and ranges for monitored components.

  • Clear Active Codes

    • ​​Clears all active codes that are currently being held by the vehicle's ECU.

      • Note: This will also reset all emissions readiness monitors.