Viewing and Clearing P-Codes/DTCs


Select a connection type:

  1. Connect to the vehicle. 
  2. From the Diagnostics or Basic Diagnostics app, select DTCs.
  3. The total number of DTCs will be displayed next to the corresponding vehicle system on the Diagnostic Trouble Codes screen.

    • Red: DTCs present for the associated system
    • Green: No DTCs present for the associated system
    • Grey icon: No communication to the module. (Possible reasons include: faulty module, module disconnected, or vehicle was not originally equipped with the module, etc.)
    • Note: Basic Diagnostics will display generic emissions-related DTC information only.


Viewing DTC Repair Information

  1. From the Diagnostic Trouble Codes screen, select a vehicle system >> select a dtc
    • View the DTC troubleshooting Repair Article:
      1. Tap Repair Article
      2. The associated OE repair article will display in a limited view pop-out window. Click the Repair button to display the article in the full version of ALLDATA Repair.
        article popout
    • View related info:
      1. Tap One of the Repair Quicklinks items to take you directly to the associated repair content in the full version of ALLDATA Repair.
        repair quick links

Clearing DTCs

  1. From the Diagnostic Trouble Codes screen, tap Clear Codes.

    • Note: The codes will still appear in the scan History.

Viewing DTC History

Note - DTC History is automatically saved based on the vehicle's VIN.

While connected to a vehicle

  1. From the DTCs screen, tap History.
  2. The previous scan activity will display >> select a scan for more detailed information.

When disconnected from a vehicle

From the app homepage, open the Data Manager.

  • For more information, see the Data Manager support article.


Viewing Freeze Frame Data

  1. Select a DTC from the list.

    select dtc​ 

  2. Select the Freeze Frame dropdown to display available Freeze frame data when available.choose freeze frame

Exporting DTC Scan

See Export DTC Scan for instructions.