Howling Escalade Irritates Drivers
May. 01 2023
May. 01 2023

Some Cadillac Escalade owners (2021-23) may complain of a hoot, howl, whistle type wind noise coming from either the left or right side of the dash / front end while driving at highway speeds. This noise may change depending on the HVAC setting being set to either fresh air or recirculation mode. In some cases, the complaint could be a squeak or creak noise from the I/P dash, which could occur while driving at any speed.

GM released a technical service bulletin #PIT5990, which identifies 2 possible causes:

  1. The left or right body harness pass-through is not fully seated into the cowl
  2. The left or right I/P tie bar bolts are loose or missing.


The detailed repair procedure is included in the TSB.

The entire TSB can be found by logging into ALLDATA, Under Select Vehicle, Enter in the search field:

23 Escalade esv 2wd v8

Select the vehicle underneath, then enter in the search field (upper right corner):





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