What You Get with ALLDATA Mobile
OBDII Diagnostics on a Tablet

ALLDATA Mobile is the key to ALLDATA Diagnostics. Use a tablet, OBDII connection device, and the ALLDATA Mobile app to wirelessly connect to a vehicle – then read and decode the VIN, view and clear P-codes, and move directly from an identified DTC to relevant testing procedures. Even view live sensor data and view any ALLDATA Community verified repairs to help reduce diagnostic time.

Seamless Information Access

ALLDATA Mobile gives you the power of ALLDATA with the convenience of tablet-based functionality. Do a fast and easy search for OEM repair information and verified repairs right at the vehicle.  Skip the keyboard - access info on a tap-and-go grid on a touchscreen instead. Zoom and swipe on diagrams. Enjoy the freedom and efficiency that ALLDATA Mobile has to offer. 




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DIY Warning

For single vehicle license information visit ALLDATA DIY.