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1. It’s the industry’s most popular, most complete source of OEM information

Our flagship ALLDATA Repair® software covers 44K+ engine specific vehicles – 95% of all vehicles on the road today. We publish updates daily, so the latest OEM info is just a click away.

ALLDATA Repair Video


2. Our easy-to-use format helps you find information faster

ALLDATA’s database uses the same standardized format for every make and model, so you don’t have to learn a different approach for each one.


3. Get the latest ADAS repair info with award-winning ADAS Quick Reference feature

Provides ADAS system or component location, calibration requirements (if any), and direct links to removal/replacement procedures in ALLDATA. Winner of 2022 PTEN Innovation Award and 2022 SEMA New Product Award.

ADAS - Quick Ref


4. Includes both OEM diagrams and aftermarket interactive color wiring diagrams

View a full diagram on one screen and highlight (or hide) wires across multiple pages for maximum efficiency.

Interactive Color Wiring Diagram Video



5. Seamless integration with our shop management system & digital vehicle inspections

Go from a repair order in ALLDATA Shop Manager directly to the OEM repair information in ALLDATA Repair. Includes 24/7 parts ordering from AutoZone and other leading suppliers. Add ALLDATA Inspections for faster check-ins, higher ROs, and 1-click access to ALLDATA Repair and ALLDATA Shop Manager.

ALLDATA Inspections




6. ALLDATA Find-A-Fix included at no cost (for a limited time)

See top-ranked diagnostic solutions for a specific YMME and DTC based on data-driven analysis.

7. You’re not limited to the desktop computer.

Our convenient ALLDATA Mobile® app lets you take ALLDATA Repair to the vehicle on a phone or tablet, so you’re not running back and forth to a workstation.

Repair on a phone


8. Library team responds in less than 30 minutes

Get info on pre-1982 models or other hard-to-find data in under 30 minutes from ALLDATA’s Library research team (our competitors take up to 24 hours). Included at no additional cost.

9. Your 1-stop shop for diagnostic needs

ALLDATA delivers information and tools like connector views, pinout values, verified fixes from Master Techs, and a pro-level diagnostic scan tool that links directly to relevant OEM articles.


Diagnostics Video


10. We’re a proud AutoZone company

We offer auto repair shops an unbeatable combination: ALLDATA’S industry-leading OEM repair information and AutoZone’s OEM-quality parts, plus the best customer service in the business.



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