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Feature / FunctionAndroid Tablet/
Windows device
Android PhoneiPadiPhone
Generic Powertrain
Enhanced Powertrain
Emissions Monitor/Mode6
Scan all modules
Clear Codes
Live Data
System Tests
Email/Download PDF Reports
Full Access to the Repair Product
Community Access
Freeze Frame
Probable Cause Data
Scan History
Default Email Address
Default Device Selection
Online/offline mode

A limited "DTC scans only" version of the ALLDATA® mobile app is available to download on some smartphone models.

The ALLDATA mobile app requires a subscription to ALLDATA Mobile or ALLDATA Diagnostics, in addition to an existing ALLDATA Repair / Collision subscription.

  • Download the app from your device's app store and use your existing username and password to log in.
  • Check out the Diagnostics page for additional information.

Yes, enhanced body and frame information is available for ALLDATA Collision subscribers.

To request vehicle information from the ALLDATA Research Library:

Option 1: Use the “Library Request” Form

  1. Open the ALLDATA mobile app.
  2. Tap the Repair/Collision tile.
  3. Select a vehicle.
    • If your desired vehicle is not in the database, you can select an unrelated vehicle and change the vehicle information once you reach the request form.
    • Our library team has access to information for both pre-1982 vehicles and for newer model-year vehicles not yet included in the database.
  4. Tap Library Request from the header menu.
    library button
  5. Fill out and submit the Library Request form.
  6. The information you requested will be sent to you typically in 30 minutes or less during business hours.

Option 2: Call the ALLDATA Library Team

Phone: 1-800-859-3282, option 1.

Note: If we are experiencing high call volumes, please submit the Library Request Form for faster service.

View the full article HERE.

The ALLDATA® mobile app Basic Diagnostics reads:

  • VINs from vehicles that provide this info
  • Emissions-related P-Codes
  • Emissions readiness monitors
  • DTC freeze frame data
  • Basic powertrain PID information (live sensor data)

Note: If the vehicle was identified by the VIN (through a recommended OBDII device or manual entry), the cleared P-Codes will be available in the DTC Scan History.

  • The tablet does NOT need to be connected to the vehicle in order to access the DTC Scan History. Once the VIN is manually entered, the DTC Scan History is available.

ALLDATA® Diagnostics reads:

  • All information available from Basic Diagnostics
  • Vehicle wide DTC scan of all vehicle systems
  • System specific PID information

ALLDATA® Diagnostics can also:

  • Actuate vehicle components for testing
  • Complete System tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations

The ALLDATA® mobile app does not do:

  • J2534 flashing / reprogramming

ALLDATA Mobile / Diagnostics are only compatible with the following devices:

ALLDATA Mobile (Basic Diagnostics) – Device sold separately.

  • OBDLink MX+
  • OBDLink LX Bluetooth (Not compatible with iOS)
  • OBDLink MX with Low Energy Bluetooth (ALLDATA Edition - DISCONTINUED)
  • OBDLink MX Bluetooth (Not compatible with iOS - DISCONTINUED)

ALLDATA Diagnostics – Device included with subscription

  • ALLDATA Diagnostics VCI (Vehicle Connection Interface device)

To locate the app and Diagnostics Vehicle Connection Interface device (VCI) versions from within the ALLDATA app:
  1. Tap the Options Menu (hamburger) icon at the top right.
  2. Tap Help & Support (question mark icon) within the expanded menu.
    • The current app version will be displayed along with additional version numbers for the currently connected Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI) device.
    • VCI version info will only be available while the VCI is actively connected to the tablet while connected to a vehicle.


  • The device and app version release history can be found HERE

Shared Features


Both ALLDATA Mobile and ALLDATA Diagnostics are accessed by downloading the ALLDATA app and logging in with your ALLDATA Repair / Collision - Updated ( username and password.

M: ALLDATA Mobile     D: ALLDATA Diagnostics

Feature / FunctionMDComments
Repair and Collision InformationThe ALLDATA app includes a mobile-friendly version of the ALLDATA Repair or Collision website.
VIN Barcode ScannerUtilize the camera on your tablet to read and translate VIN barcodes to specific Year, Make, Model, and Engine combinations.
ALLDATA CommunityIncludes read-only access to YMME specific Community repairs (access the full community website from the Repair/Collision - Updated website in order to post and comment on questions.)


Vehicle Connectivity - Diagnostics vs. Basic Diagnostics


ALLDATA Mobile - Basic Diagnostics

Access vehicle connectivity options through the Basic Diagnostics tile within the ALLDATA app and connect with an OBDLink MX Bluetooth device.


ALLDATA Diagnostics - Diagnostics

Access vehicle connectivity options through the Diagnostics tile within the ALLDATA app and connect with an ALLDATA VCI (Vehicle Connection Interface) device.

M: ALLDATA Mobile     D: ALLDATA Diagnostics

Feature / FunctionMDComments
Emissions MonitorsMobile & Diagnostics - Status of continuous and non-continuous readiness monitors and mode 6 data.
DTCsMobile - Generic Powertrain / Emissions P-Codes and freeze frame data. Link directly to code-specific OE testing procedure. Store scan history by VIN.
Diagnostics - Includes ALLDATA Mobile features and full vehicle scan including manufacturer specific P, B, C, and U codes.
PIDsMobile - Live powertrain parameter data.
Diagnostics - Includes ALLDATA Mobile features and connect directly to other vehicle systems for additional non-powertrain data.
ActuatorsMobile - Not Available.
Diagnostics - Connect directly to various vehicle systems in order to actuate switches, solenoids, motors, etc.
System TestsMobile - Not Available.
Diagnostics - Perform System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations.