5 facts you didn’t know about the ALLDATA Tech-Assist Team
Mar. 01 2024
Mar. 01 2024

Have you heard of ALLDATA Tech Assist®? It’s our diagnostic hotline staffed by our team of Master Techs, who can help with anything from advanced diagnostic troubleshooting to step-by-step repair assistance. Plus, we offer live video-streaming so they can show you the solution while you talk to them.

But what about the people behind the hotline? Here are some interesting facts about our ALLDATA Tech-Assist team:

  1. We have 20+ Tech-Assist agents.
    We currently have 25 agents, two team leads, as well as a team manager.
    Tech-Assist agent fun fact: Brian Stoll, our team manager, has been a part of the Tech-Assist team since 2017!
  2. Our team is located in three time zones.
    We’ve expanded the Tech-Assist team at our Elk Grove headquarters and added new hotline call centers in Georgia, Texas and Canada. We also extended hours of operation, so shops from coast to coast can call Monday through Friday during normal business hours, with services available in English, Spanish, and French.
    Tech-Assist agent fun fact: our agent Dominic Bouchard is located in Quebec, Canada!
  3. They’re certified.
    All of our Tech-Assist agents are ASE-certified, and many have other certifications and licenses. These can include OE-specific certifications, college degrees, smog-repair licenses, and much more. 
    Tech-Assist agent fun fact: our agent James McKeown has nine certifications on his bio page! 
  4. And they’re experienced.
    Many of our agents have worked 20+ years in the automotive industry. It’s not just multi-line automotive diagnostic and repair experience either; this includes teaching as college-level automotive instructors as well as owning and running profitable shops.
    Tech-Assist agent fun fact: our agent James Beal has over 38 years of professional automotive experience!
  5. Most of them have been interested in mechanics since they were young.
    Whether it was trucks, tech, or tractors, our team has always been curious about taking things apart and figuring out how they work! Many of them took auto shop classes in high school or were lucky enough to have parents in the automotive repair industry. 
    Tech-Assist agent fun fact: our agent Eddie Suda built his first small engine when he was 8 years old! 

Want to know more about the faces behind the hotline? To read all of our team’s bios visit our Tech-Assist bio page.

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