Volvo remote won’t unlock doors
Jan. 02 2024
Jan. 02 2024

Some 2022-23 Volvo C40 drivers can’t unlock their doors using the factory remote. The same problem may affect the remote starting function as well. Frustrated drivers can use the physical key located inside the remote, but will notice a Driver Information Module message, ‘Key not found.’ Another indicator will be the presence of a U201F00 code. Volvo has published a bulletin (TJ 36195.15.0) which details repair procedures and warranty information.


The detailed repair procedure is included in the TSB.

The entire TSB can be found by logging into ALLDATA, Under Select Vehicle, Enter in the search field:

Volv 23 C40

Select the vehicle underneath, then enter in the search field (upper right corner):

TJ 36195.15.0




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