Porsche Cayman suddenly won’t start
Jun. 04 2024
Jun. 04 2024

Porsche Caymans between 2010-21 with specific equipment combinations and the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) deactivated have the potential to suddenly prevent ignition. The cause, an immobilizer could have been permanently activated due to vibration. Fortunately, Porsche has published a TSB (41/20) that identifies the component combination and the repair procedure that consists of a software update. The newer software returns the security settings to a normal working status.


The detailed repair procedure is included in the TSB.

The entire TSB can be found by logging into ALLDATA. Under Select Vehicle, enter in the search field:

2018 Por Caymen 718 F4.0

Select the vehicle underneath, then enter in the search field (upper right corner):





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