Nick Yosten
Nick Yosten
Nick Yosten
Automotive Diagnostic Consultant II


  • ASE Master Automobile Technician A1-A8
  • ASE L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
  • ASE G1 Auto Maintenance and Light Repair
  • Ford Senior Master Technician

About Nick

I began my love of all things automotive when I was just a kid. It all started by helping my father and uncles repair their vehicles or work on their hot-rods. My first car was a 1972 Chevelle. Shortly after purchasing that vehicle, I had to replace the camshaft  because you always must go bigger! I think car people are born with something engrained into our DNA. It was passed down from my dad to me. I’ve passed it down to my son and he’ll pass it down to his kids. When my son was just a 2-year-old, I remember my wife and I walking into a restaurant. A vehicle screamed by, and my son was fascinated. We all know the look the wife gave me when she realized she had to deal with another car guy!

During my career, I have worked at dealerships and independent repair shops. I was never afraid to take on challenging jobs. After about 15 years repairing vehicles, I wanted a change and moved on to teaching at high school and colleges. I did this for 12 years. Due to my career choices, I have always stayed knowledgeable about the high amount of automotive technological changes.

I am excited to join ALLDATA as an Automotive Diagnostic Consultant. There is never a dull moment here and every day I look forward to assisting technicians across the country. I feel this is a perfect opportunity to use my years of experience to help other technicians with their diagnostic challenges.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife going on various weekend outings. One of the frequent events is sitting at soccer games watching our children play. In addition, I love reading mystery/suspense novels, smoking food for the family, and overall, just relaxing and enjoying my down time.