User Options - Pricing

Pricing options allow you to enable markups and set markup pricing.

Enabling Markup Pricing

  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Pricing
  2. Check Enable Markup Pricing
    • Note: This will apply markups to 3rd party online catalog pricing only.
  3. Check to include additional parts categories to apply markups to:
    • Apply Markups to My Prices as well
    • Apply Markups to Quick Parts / Fluids

  4. Click Update.

Setting Default Markup

To set your default markup:
  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Pricing
  2. Enable Markup Pricing (See above)
  3. Type in your default markup percentage >> select Update.
    • Note: This will apply markups to any price ranges that have not been added to the Markup Matrix price ranges.

  4. Click Update.

Setting Markups by Price Range

To set your markups by price range:
  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Pricing
  2. Set up Markup Pricing (see Enable Markup Pricing section at the top of the article).
  3. Using the Markup Matrix, select a Supplier, type in a From Value, To Value, choose $ or %, and a Markup percentage. 
  4. Select Add
  5. Continue to add price ranges and suppliers as needed. 
  6. Click Update

Setting Minimum Alerts (Check Margins Alerts)

To set alerts to display when total margins fall below a minimum:
  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Pricing
  2. Type a percentage for Parts Margin, Labor Margin, and Total Margin.
  3. Click Update

Enforcing Minimum Password Check

To require a password to continue with an invoice when the total margin falls below the set minimum margin:
  1. Select Setup >> User Options >> Pricing.
  2. Click the check box >> enter a Password.
  3. Click Update.