Deposits allow you to accept a partial payment prior to work completion. Doing so may help reduce the impact from non-payment by covering parts costs or other unrecoverable expenses.

Create a Deposit

  1. Click Add Deposit.
    add deposit
  2. Change the Deposit Amount.
    • IMPORTANT - The total balance due will be prefilled by default. If you do not update the value in this box, the entire remaining balance will be paid as a "deposit".
      deposit amount
  3. Select a payment Method.
    payment method
  4. For payment methods other than cash, choose an option from the Card Type dropdown.
    card type
  5. If required, add a Reference ID and Additional Payment Notes then click Apply Deposit.
    reference and notes

Deposit Tracking

Deposits will appear in the following locations:
  • On the document screen under the Total
    deposited amount on document
  • In the Transaction History section of the payment drawer
    deposit amount in transaction history

Apply a Deposit to an Invoice

  1. Click Invoice.
    click invoice
  2. Click Yes, Create the Invoice on the notification to convert the document to an Invoice and automatically apply the deposit.
    invoice and apply deposit
  3. The outstanding balance will now reflect the total minus the deposit.
    outstanding balance with deposit

Refund a Deposit

Deposits cannot be refunded while the RO is still active. 

You must complete one of the following actions to refund a deposit:

  • Convert the RO to an Invoice and use the normal refund process.
    click invoice
  • Void the RO and the refund process will start automatically.
    1. Click Actions >> Void.
      void RO
    2. Click Void on the notification.
      void deposit pop
    3. Fill in the Refund Details >> click Refund & Void.
      refund voided RO deposit