Get the results you need
ALLDATA Diagnostics delivers

All the functionality you’d expect in a professional-level scan tool.

  • Retrieve and clear manufacturer P, B, C, and U codes – the brunt of day-in, day-out diagnostics.
  • Reads and graphically displays PIDs – live sensor data from all modules/vehicle systems (PCM, TCM, SRS, ABS, chassis/body systems and more).
  • Full-system, exportable pre/post-DTC scan reporting
  • Seamless integration with ALLDATA Repair and ALLDATA Collision
  • Now available on iPad. Access features like vehicle wide scans, DTCs that link to relevant OEM repair information, viewable and recordable live data, and more. 
Professional-level scan tool

Including coverage for domestic, Asian, and European vehicles.

  • One-touch access to more than 20 million probable causes from DTC codes.
  • Bi-directional component control: connects with various vehicle systems to test a specific component.
  • Access System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations, and Calibrations as supported by manufacturer.
  • Automatically connect/disconnect to Internet within Wi-Fi range; view connection status at all times
  • View tech-verified repairs without leaving the application
Industry Leading

ALLDATA Diagnostics is the only scan tool solution with ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision® built in, so codes link directly to relevant OEM repair articles, as well as ALLDATA’s new interactive color wiring diagrams. Thanks to its user-friendly navigation and seamless integration with ALLDATA Repair or Collision, it takes far fewer steps to get the results you need.

Highly Affordable

There’s no major out-of-pocket equipment cost to get started with ALLDATA Diagnostics; just a low monthly subscription fee. The Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI) device is included in the subscription. Software and data updates are provided at no additional charge.


Fully Mobile

Instead of using a bulky, hand-held unit, ALLDATA Diagnostics turns your iPad or Android or Windows 10 tablet into a scan tool. Our VCI device attaches to the vehicle’s OBD port and links via Bluetooth to your tablet, giving you the flexibility to perform all the scan tool functions. Also available on your iOS and Android phone.

  • Bluetooth connection to tablet or windows 10 device
  • Operating systems:
    • Android (5.0 & up)
    • Windows 10
    • iOS (iOS 13 & up)
  • Phone Operating Systems: Vehicle scans & reports only
    • Android (5.0 & up)
    • iOS (iOS 13 & up) 
  • Online & Offline capabilities
  • Vehicle Coverage years:
    • Domestic (1996 & newer)
    • Asian (1996 & newer
    • Volvo (2008 & newer)
    • European (1996 & newer)
  • System Coverage: 
    • Body Control (BCM)
    • Chassis Control
    • Powertrain (PCM)
    • ABS
    • SRS
    • ADAS
  • Fully supports all 10 modes (Mode 1 through Mode 0A)
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Retrieve, store & clear codes (P, B, C & U)
  • DTC Scan Reports
  • Freeze frame data
  • Integration to ALLDATA Repair/Collision
    • DTCs link to OE articles
    • DTCs show list of probable causes
  • Live data graphing
    • up to 25 PIDs on same screen 
    • record & play back live data
  • Bidirectional control / Actuations
  • Relearns & System Tests
  • FCA Secure gateway access
  • Quick Resets
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