Honda speedometer inaccurate after transmission replacement
Oct. 30 2020
Oct. 30 2020

Vehicle: 2006 Honda Civic, L4-1.8L

Mileage: 226,509

Problem: After the transmission was replaced, the speedometer read 10 MPH with the engine idling and the transmission in “Park”. Another issue was that the transmission could not be shifted from “Park” to “Reverse”, but it could be shifted from “Drive” to “Reverse”.

Case Details: The technician connected a scan tool but there were no diagnostic trouble codes. An ALLDATA Tech-Assist consultant suggested going back over the electrical connectors at the transmission. Since the problem happened after replacing the transmission, it was possible the range selector switch needed to be adjusted. He also suggested taking a close look at the input speed sensor (ISS) and the vehicle speed sensor (VSS). The connectors are next to each other and both had three wires.

Confirmed Repair: The technician found the range selector switch was slightly out of specifications and adjusted it. Additionally, he found that the ISS and VSS connectors were identical and were installed incorrectly. Once he switched the connectors, the speedometer read 0 MPH with the engine idling and the transmission in “Park” and the transmission could be shifted into “Reverse” from the “Park” position. Problem fixed!

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