Ricardo Santoni
Ricardo Santoni
Ricardo Santoni
Automotive Diagnostic Consultant II
Québec, Canada


  • CPA Certified Mechanic
  • Diploma of Vocational Studies - Automotive Industry
  • Generalist
  • Independent Shop Owner

About Ricardo

When I was young, I was always interested in taking apart my toys – especially my RC vehicles. This allowed me to understand basic mechanics at a very early age and I started experimenting with electricity and since then, I was hooked. Nothing was off-limits electrical wise; from shorting out batteries, to wiring a house, to performing engine swaps, the electrical part came easy to me. This desire to push my personal knowledge further and further got me started in the automotive industry and inspired me to go to school. After finishing my automotive schooling, I ended up in a shop that taught me what this market was about. I eventually became the expert for any complicated repairs at this shop, which then led me to becoming the shop manager. Although I was young, my knowledge gave me the abilities of much older technicians. Hungry for new challenges, I ultimately became the owner of the shop and since then, I try to never say no to any challenge that arises in this industry.

After 14 years of working in the same town, I came to another fork in the highway of life. I decided to change careers and started working for a crane company that builds tower cranes for construction sites. I quickly realized something was missing from my life. I started to miss troubleshooting and the joy I got from solving hard to fix problems. This is the one thing that I have the most passion for. This desire led me back to the automotive industry and I restarted my auto shop back up. My shop is still running today and due to my capacity to put my hands on vehicles on a daily basis, I feel that I bring something different to the Tech Assist team. This allows me to provide great visual tips, test things in my shop, and try new things on vehicles. I use this knowledge to assist our clients and fellow members of the ALLDATA family.