Bluetooth Connection Issues with Windows / Surface Devices


Vehicle Connection Interface (VCI) not displayed or disappears from the Windows mobile app Devices list and/or Windows 10 Settings Bluetooth Paired or Discoverable Devices list.


Possible Cause(s)

VCI loses power or is disconnected while a Diagnostics session is active “and/or” Windows 10 device loses power or shuts down while a Diagnostics session is active.


Suggested Solution(s)

TIP: It is preferred to disconnect from car/device within the app prior to unplugging the device from the car's OBD port.

If the issue occurs, perform the following steps:
  1. Ensure the VCI is powered down

  2. Open the Windows Bluetooth settings then remove the VCI from the list (if present).

  3. Plug in the VCI and allow it to fully power up

  4. When VCI is ready, wait for the VCI to be discovered  (allow 20-30 seconds).

  5. When the VCI appears (ALLDATA-OBD), pair to the VCI.