What Information Can I Pull from a Connected Vehicle?

The ALLDATA® mobile app Basic Diagnostics reads:

  • VINs from vehicles that provide this info
  • Emissions-related P-Codes
  • Emissions readiness monitors
  • DTC freeze frame data
  • Basic powertrain PID information (live sensor data)

Note: If the vehicle was identified by the VIN (through a recommended OBDII device or manual entry), the cleared P-Codes will be available in the DTC Scan History.

  • The tablet does NOT need to be connected to the vehicle in order to access the DTC Scan History. Once the VIN is manually entered, the DTC Scan History is available.

ALLDATA® Diagnostics reads:

  • All information available from Basic Diagnostics
  • Vehicle wide DTC scan of all vehicle systems
  • System specific PID information

ALLDATA® Diagnostics can also:

  • Actuate vehicle components for testing
  • Complete System tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations

The ALLDATA® mobile app does not do:

  • J2534 flashing / reprogramming