PaySafe Solutions Payment Processing FAQs

How does PaySafe Solutions perform transactions in ALLDATA Manage Online?

  1. From the Invoice Confirmation screen, select a credit or debit card payment method.
  2. Swipe the card through the payment terminal.
  3. The card information is verified by PayGuardianWEB and will be processed.
  4. You are returned to Manage Online to print to the invoice.


What do I need to do to process card payments in Manage Online?


What card reader can I use?

  • PaySafe Solutions Payment Processing is compatible with the ingenico IPP320. This device can obtained through PaySafe Solutions at the time of application.


Is there a fee to process credit cards?

  • The ability to connect Manage Online and PaySafe Solutions is included in your ALLDATA subscription.
  • Please note, processing costs with PaySafe Solutions still apply.


Are PaySafe Solutions and Manage Online PCI compliant and EMV ready?

  • Yes, Manage Online and PaySafe Solutions are both PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.
  • The payment terminal (ingenico IPP 320) is EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) ready.


What is the relationship between PaySafe Solutions, PayGuardianWEB and BridgePay?

  1. PaySafe Solutions is the provider of the secure card payment processing software (PayGuardianWEB) and the payment terminal.
  2. BridgePay is a transaction-gateway company that provides the secure card payment processing software called PayGuardianWEB.
  3. PaySafe Solutions will activate new user accounts, and provide technical support for the entire card payment processing service.


How do I contact PaySafe Solutions Support?