Setting the Date and Time on Work Documents

Set the Date and Time on a Work document to keep track of the time that you and the customer agreed upon.

Note: Dates and Times are required for Repair Orders to appear on the WIP (Work In Progress) screen.


  1. Click Click to enter.
  2. Click the calendar button.
  3. Select the date (current date is light blue) >> drag the blue bars to adjust the time >> click Done.
  4. Review the Due In and Due Out dates and times >> click Update.
  • Notes:
    • Optional: Click the Pick Up check box to identify the vehicle as needing to be picked up from the customer.
    • Optional: Click the Drop Off check box to identify the vehicle as need to be dropped off to the customer.

  1. The Due Out time can be updated as needed.
  • Note: On the Repair Order, the Due Out time is renamed as the Proposed Completed Date.​