Translating Websites to Other Languages

Change the language settings in Google Chrome so that every website appears in the language of your choice.

  • Note: Text that is part of an image, or text that you type in, will not be translated,


The process below works for users with:

  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Browser: Google Chrome


Changing the default language for all websites

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Click the menu icon.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. Scroll down and click Language.

  6. If your preferred language is not listed, click Add languages.

  1. Search for your preferred Language >>  check the box next to the language >> Click ADD.

  1. Open the options menu for the newly added language >> check Display Google Chrome in this language.

  1. Click the URL for this article to highlight it >> right-click the URL >> click Copy.

  2. Click RELAUNCH.

  3. When Chrome re-opens, menus will now show in your chosen language >> right-click in the URL bar >> click the Paste and Go equivalent to re-open this article (if it does not automatically reopen).

    • Spanish: Pegar y acceder

    • French: Coller et rechercher

  1. Right-click in any white space on this page >> Click the translated equivalent of Translate to {language}.

    • Spanish: Traducir a español

    • French: Traduire en français

  1. On the pop-up, click the translated equivalent of Options

    • Spanish: Configuración

    • French: Paramètres

  1. In the translated equivalent: Confirm the Language from is set to english, and the Language to is set to your chosen language >> check the box for Always translate >> click OK.

    • Spanish

      • Idioma de la pagina: inglés

      • Idioma de traducción: español

    • French

      • Langue de la page: anglais

      • Langue de traduction: français

  1. All websites will now show in your preferred language.


Reverting all websites back to English

  1. Click the menu icon.

  2. Click the translated equivalent of Settings.

    • Spanish: Configuración

    • French: Paramètres

  1. Click the translated equivalent of Show advanced settings....

    • Spanish: Configuración avanzada...

    • French: Paramètres avancès...

  1. Scroll down and click the translated equivalent of Language.

  • Spanish: Idioma

  • French: Langue

  1. Open the options menu for the translated equivalent of English.

  2. Check the translated equivalent of Display Google Chrome in this language.

  • Spanish: Mostrar Google Chrome en este idioma

  • French: Afficher Google Chrome dans cette langue

  1. Click the translated equivalent of RELAUNCH.

    • Spanish: REINICIAR

    • French: RELANCER