Code Settings- Return Options

Return Options allow you to set up possible reasons why parts would be returned and enable Core Tracking.

Return Reason Codes

To add a Return Reason Code:
  1. Click Setup >> Codes >> Return Options.
  2. Enter a Code and Description >> click Update.
    • Code: One to three digits that identify the reason code within the program. (Example: 01)
    • Description: A description of the reason code. (Example: Faulty)
    • Reduce stock: (optional) Check this box to automatically reduce stock count of the the part this Return Reason has been applied to.

Core Tracking

  • Enable Catalog Cores: Automatically add a core line item when adding parts from catalogs (when applicable).
  • Core Options:
    • ​Show core/surcharge credits on documents - Determines whether you will leave the core charge and core return line items on the customer’s printed documents.
      • ​Note: This is required in some states.
    • The default tax code for core/surcharge credit:
      • If your state requires that the taxes for the core are not returned to the customer when the core is credited, you should select a non-taxable tax code.
      • If your state requires taxes to be returned to the customer when the core is credited, chose a taxable tax code.