Integrating with Kukui

Transfer your Manage Online customer, invoice, appointment and deferred work data to the Kukui platform.

To sign up for Kukui’s service or for technical assistance with your Kukui account, contact Kukui directly at or call (877) 695-6008

To enable the Kukui data transfer:
  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> Settings > Kukui Export.
  2. Click the Enable Kukui Integration check box.
  3. Click Update.


  • After enabling the integration, the Initial Upload will display as Pending and the first data transfer will happen overnight.
  • The first data transfer will send the last two years of invoice data and the related customer/vehicle records.
  • You can view the Initial Upload Date, the Last Update date and the History of the data transfers that have successfully completed.
  • After the initial data transfer, you can click the Resend data button to transfer the last two years of data from the current date.