Register Your Twilio Number (A2P 10DLC registration)


  • Due to text messaging carrier regulation changes, all phone numbers used to send text messages from an application to a person (A2P) must be registered or texts will be blocked.
  • A Twilio account is required to send texts from MANAGE Online. Learn how to enable Twilio messaging.
  • A one time fee and monthly ongoing fees will be charged for registration with the carriers. Fees vary by use case. 
  • The registration process for toll-free numbers is currently administered by Twilio support. Learn more about Twilio's toll- free number registration process.


The instructions below outline the registration process for 10DLC (10 digit long code - 'local numbers') from within the Twilio console. 
  1. Log in to your Twilio Account .
  2. Click Account >> Trusthub >> Overview.
  3. Create your Business Profile

    1. Click Create Primary Business Profile.
    2. General information
      1. Enter your Legal Business Name >> check Use legal business name as profile friendly name >> click + Add physical business address.
      2. Complete the Physical Business Address page:

        1. Click Select from saved address.
        2. Select your address from the list.
        3. Click Save.


      3. Click Next.
    3. Business Information


      1. Select Direct Customer as your Business Identity.
      2. Choose the Business Type that your company operates as.
      3. Complete the remaining fields in the Business information tab that are applicable to your Business Type.
    4. People to Contact


      1. Enter the information of authorized representatives for you company then click Next.
        • This information will be used to verify your identity.
    5. Notification settings
      1. Enter an Email Address for updates about your registration then click Next.
    6. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
      1. Click the checkbox to choose to agree.
    7. Click Submit for review.
  4. Register A Brand

    1. In the left menu navigate to Develop >> Messaging  >> Regulatory Compliance >> Brands.
    2. Click +Register a Brand.
    3. Complete the Register a Brand page.
      1. Select a brand type.
        • Notes:
          • Most MANAGE Online users will fall under the Low Volume Standard Brand
          • A one time registration fee associated with your registration type will be listed here
      2. Select the type of company your business operates as.
      3. Choose to enable brand sharing with subaccounts.
        • Note: This is only relevant for larger companies with multiple Twilio accounts. This will not be applicable to the majority of MANAGE Online users.
      4. Check the box to agree to the one-time fee.
      5. Click Register.


  5. Register A Campaign

    1. Complete the campaign registration page
      1. Available A2P Campaign use cases - Typical MANAGE Online use case will fall under the Low Volume Mixed option.
      2. Messaging Service - Select Create new messaging service.
      3. Campaign description

        • Example: "Shop will send updates to customers related to the repair of their vehicle.  Messages may have embedded links"


      4. Sample message #1 & #2

        • Examples:
          • Just a reminder that you have an appointment booked for your [MAKE] [MODEL] on [DIARYJOBDATE] at [DIARYJOBTIME]
          • Dear [TITLE] [LASTNAME], your [MAKE] [MODEL] is ready to collect.  Total Bill $ [VALUE]


      5. Message contents - Check both boxes in order to add your shop's phone number to your texts and send repair order authorizations from MANAGE Online.
      6. How do end users consent to receive messages?

        • Example: “Cell phone number is collected from customer when vehicle is brought in for service.”


      7. Opt-in Keywords - Not Required
      8. Opt-in Message - Not Required
      9. Click Create.
      10. Review the provided information and both one-time and monthly fees associated with registration >> click Confirm.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Check the box next to the phone numbers you want to register >> click Register.
    4. Review the provided information >> click Confirm.