System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations


Select a connection type:


  • Depending on the vehicle, some procedures will require a J2534 solution and/or a Reflash/Reprograming which are not currently available in ALLDATA Diagnostics.
  • System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations  are only available when connecting with the ALLDATA Diagnostics VCI device.
  • Commonly used resets are available in the Quick Resets menu.

To access all System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations:

  1. Connect to the vehicle.
    • Notes:
      • System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations are system specific.
      • When connecting to the vehicle, connect to vehicle system that includes the component you need to test.
      • Available System Tests, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and Calibrations are different for each vehicle.
  2. Select Sys. Test from the sidebar menu. 

    • ​​A list of System Tests will display along the left side of the screen.

  3. Select a System Test to view a description of the test function.
  4. Select Initiate Test.
  5. If additional inputs are needed, follow the on-screen prompts to enter or select any required options.

The System Tests menu may include any of the following functions based on the vehicle and system that is connected:

System Tests

Multi-step procedures to either run a test against a vehicle system, return detailed system information (full vehicle system list), or initiate a multi-step procedure (e.g., running a ABS bleed or power balance test).


Relearns are procedures to establish parameters (ranges) within a module (e.g., setting Idle, Idle Air Volume, etc.).


A Reset includes “resetting” a vehicle Maintenance/Service Indicator or establishing a “0” point calibrations (e.g., setting a seat weight sensor while vehicle is unoccupied).


An initialization is a process to make a vehicle aware of a new repair or component. (e.g., When replacing any BMW or Mini Cooper battery the technician must perform initialization to tell the vehicle’s computer the battery has been replaced).


The action of telling the vehicle’s internal computers to readjust components to specific tolerances (e.g., cameras, headlights, TPMS sensors and other similar technologies).

Procedures that are NOT supported: 


The interface standard designed by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) for vehicle ECU reprogramming. Its purpose is to utilize an API (Application Programming Interface) which would allowing technicians the ability to reprogram ECU’s without the need for a special dealer-only tool. Included is the ability to pass program files (“software update”) to the vehicles ECU.


The process of updating a vehicles ECU similar to performing a “software update”. Reflash requires the J2534 interface.


Reprogramming is similar to reflashing but is not an update to the current “software.”  It is the process technicians perform when a relevant module is replaced.  Most reprograming requires the J2534 interface, but some do not. 

Note: Refer to the relevant ALLDATA article and/or the Supported System Tests list for additional clarification.