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What Steps Do I Take When I Get A "Required Update" Pop-up?

The Required Update pop-up appears to let you know that the latest version of ALLDATA® RepairSM is available and needs to be installed to keep your ALLDATA® ManageSM program working.


IMPORTANT - Even if your shop only uses ALLDATA Manage, it is still necessary to install the quarterly SUBSCRIPTION updates for ALLDATA Repair FOUR times per year.

  • The ALLDATA Repair program supports the ALLDATA Manage program behind-the-scenes.

  • If the quarterly subscription update is not installed on time, your ALLDATA Manage program will stop working until the ALLDATA Repair update is installed.

  • See Overview of Quarterly Update Process for more background information.


When the Required Update message pops up:

  • Install the updated version of ALLDATA Repair. For instructions, click HERE.