Adding Repair Orders to the Schedule

You can add an existing Repair Order (R/O) from the Work tab or create an R/O from the Schedule tab.

Schedule an existing R/O:

  1. On the Work tab, select Assign R/O.
    • ​​Note: If the document is in Estimate status, it will be converted to an R/O when Assign R/O is selected.
  2. On the Schedule tab, locate the R/O in the R/Os Awaiting Assignment list.
  3. Click and drag the R/O to the preferred location on the Schedule.

Schedule a new R/O:

  1. On the Schedule tab, select New R/O
  2. Fill in the information on the Create New R/O screen >> select Save.
  3. On the Schedule tab, locate the R/O in the R/Os Awaiting Assignment list.
  4. Click and drag the R/O to the preferred location on the Schedule.

This process will create a blank repair order with no associated parts and labor information.

  • It is recommended to add parts, labor and any additional details to complete the R/O.

Add details and make changes to a scheduled R/O:

  1. Double click on the top line of the scheduled R/O.
  2. Click the green check mark
  3. Complete the R/O by adding any necessary details.
  4. Click Update R/O.