Importing Parts Inventory Files into Manage Online

Parts inventory files can be imported into ALLDATA Manage Online.

This is helpful if your shop has:

  • been tracking your inventory on a spreadsheet.
  • exported your parts inventory from a different shop management system into a spreadsheet.


Step 1: Download the Spreadsheet Template

Your parts inventory spreadsheet must be formatted in a way that is compatible with Manage Online. Download the spreadsheet template to copy/add to.


  1. Click Setup >> Parts Inventory Import.
  2. Click here.
  3. Click HERE.
  4. Download and save the file that will pop up.
  5. Open the file >> Open the Parts.csv file.
  6. Save the Parts.csv file. 
    • Note: The template file contains three part entries as examples.


Step 2: Format Your Spreadsheet

Two options:
  • Copy/paste information from your existing parts inventory spreadsheet into the template spreadsheet that you just saved.
  • Format your existing parts inventory spreadsheet to match the template formatting.


Required formatting:​
  1. The following items must be formatted exactly as they are on the template:
    • Column names (even if there is no data for the column)
    • Format of information in each column
      • Note: Only the LineCode and PartNo fields are required. Leave the remaining fields blank if there is no information available.

  1. Line Codes: The Line Code names on the spreadsheet must match the Line Codes that are in Manage Online.
    • All Line Codes must be created in Manage Online before the Parts Inventory Spreadsheet can be uploaded.
    • Show a side-by-side screenshot of them matching.
  2. File name: Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file titled Parts.csv.
  3. File format: Compress the Parts.csv file into a .zip file.
    1. Right-click the Parts.csv file (on the file name or desktop icon) >> click Send to >> click Compressed (zipped folder).
    2. The file has been created.
      • Do not change the name from


Step 3: Upload Your Spreadsheet

  1. Click Setup >> Parts Inventory Import.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Click Browse... >> select the file.
  4. Click Import.
  5. The file will import.   How do I know it worked?
    1. Click View Report to view the time and date the file was uploaded.
    2. Click Account Codes to assign account codes to the imported parts.