Creating an Email Blast

Write a single email message and send it to many customers, while automatically personalizing each message with information from your customer database.


Creating the Email Message

  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> Messages.
  2. Select General Messages >> New Message.


    • General: Messages such as "Welcome," "Thank You," "Service Specials," or "Vehicle Ready."
  3. Fill in the Message Name and  Email Message Body .
    • Note: You can make a selection from the Insert Dynamic Placeholder section to automatically insert customer information from your database into the message.
      • Example: Dear [TITLE] [FNAME] [LASTNAME],  
  4. MOL-UserOptions-Messages-generalNewEmailMessage
  5. Click Save.

Sending the Message

  1. If you haven't already, edit the Sender Email address.
    • This will allow your recipients to reply back to you shop's email address.
  2. Click Reports >> Customer Relationship Man.

  3. Select Customer Lists from the Type dropdown.
  4. Search for a specific group of customers or click the Select ALL Customers box >> click Display.
  5. Select Email as the Contact Method and also the email description that you created earlier, from the Message dropdown >> click Send.