Requiring and Assigning Job Categories

Requiring Job Categories

Turning this feature on will mark Jobs that do not have a Job Category assigned in red and prompt you to assign a Job Category when creating an Invoice.
  1. Click Setup >> User Options >> General.
  2. Click the Make Job Category required check box.
  3. Click Update.


Assigning Job Categories 

Note: Many catalog parts include a default Job Category. When adding these parts, the Job will automatically assign the corresponding Job Category.

When Creating a Repair Order

  1. Add a Job to your Work Document.
  2. Click the name of the Job.

    • Note: The job name will appear in red when Make Job Category required is turned on and and no Job Category has been assigned.

  3. Select a Category from the drop-down >> click Update.

When Creating an Invoice

IMPORTANT - Make Job Category required must be enabled in order for the Update Job Categories window to automatically appear when creating an Invoice. 

  1. Create a Work Document.
  2. Click Invoice.
  3. Select a Job Category for each Job >> click Continue.