Tracking Technician Cost & Time

Track Technicians' Cost (hourly wage paid) and Time (actual time worked per task) on the Repair Order.


Technician Cost

Tracking Technicians' Cost

Note: When using this feature, the Technicians' Hourly Rates will be visible on multiple screens to anyone using Manage Online.

  1. If you haven't already, activate this feature by following all the steps in Code Settings - Technicians. 
  2. From the Repair Order, select a Technician.
  3. Once a Technician is selected, their Hourly Cost will override the original Cost of the Labor line.
  4. Click Update R/O.


Viewing the Technician Cost Report



Technician Time

Tracking Technicians' Time

  1. If you haven't already, activate this feature by following all the steps in Code Settings - Technicians. 
  2. From the Repair Order, click Time.
  3. Select the Technician responsible for the labor lines >> enter the Actual time it took to perform the work per line >> click Update.


Viewing the Time Tracking Report


Editing Technician's Tracked Time

When the Repair Order is Open

From the Work document:
  1. Click Time.
  2. Make the necessary edits >> click Update.


When the Repair Order is Closed